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Powder Coating is an application of pigmented powder that once heat cured becomes a solid and tough coating that adheres to the surface of Aluminium. Powder Coatings can be made in a multitude of colours, lustres, textures & special effects coatings, so they are popular because of the great range of colour options.
Durable and Super Durable powders are also available for your project. These powders are formulated with higher grade polymers & pigments, which provide better weathering (colour & gloss) than the standard powder coatings. This means that your finish can look newer for longer!


To achieve a wood grain texture finish, a wood grain textured film is applied over a powdercoated substrate. The Knotwood™ film is applied to cover the entire aluminium extrusion profile. The profile is then set on the conveyor and a vacuum suction system is used to remove the air from the film bag. The conveyor then inserts the aluminum profile into an oven to make changes to the ink pigments, which will be converted from solid to gas then back to solid again resulting in a perfect thermo print.

Download the Knotwood Colour Brochure ANODISING

Anodising is an electro-chemical treatment of the aluminium, which results in the formation of a hard and durable outer-layer that is integral to the Aluminium. Anodise Finishes are the preferred finish in coastal applications and where the natural beauty of aluminium is allowed to shine through in the project.
Bright Anodising is great for items you’d like to highlight such as; Internal Fixtures, shower screens, mirror surrounds and in areas that are generally non-trafficable.
Matt Anodising is suitable both indoors & out, it has excellent tolerance in coastal environments and its appearance proves popular in architectural designed features as well as window & door suites.