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Glass  Options

je cherche femme malienne Improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home

learn the facts here now Selecting Glass Did you know that the glass you choose for your windows and doors effects the amount of light, solar heat gain and thermal performance of your home?

We offer an extensive range of glass options to meet your every need. Whether it be to increase the amount of light, reduce heat gain or block out the noise from outside, we have the products for you.

According to Viridian, Australia’s foremost glass manufacturer and supplier, when selecting the windows and doors for your home consideration should be given to these four key areas:

  • Natural Light
  • Solar Heat gain
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Efficient Glazing

Types of Glass

moderate lumigan price Annealed Float Glass
Float Glass refers to glass manufactured from a molten glass mixture, that floats on a bed of molten tin to create a uniform thickness. The molten glass is then cooled and hardened enabling it to be cut and processed. When broken, Annealed Float Glass breaks into large irregular shape shards. Learn more (link to downloads glass section) Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened glass is made from annealed float glass, which is the heated in a furnace before being rapidly cooled. The resultant glass is strengthened to 4-5 times that of ordinary annealed float glass, providing a more durable product that has a greater resistance to stress. Toughened glass cannot be cut or processed, and if broken the pane fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. Given these properties, Toughened glass is classified as ‘A Grade Safety Glass’. Learn more (link to downloads glass section)

discriminate elocon lotion price Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is made from two or more sheets of glass bonded together by heat and pressure with a flexible interlayer, typically PVB, EVA. A combination of different glass types and interlayers can improvements in safety, security, noise control, UV protection and solar control. Coloured or opaque can also be used to create obscure, coloured or decorative glass. If broken, the glass fragments will remain bonded to the interlayer and the glass pane will remain intact . Given these properties, Laminated glass is classified as ‘A Grade Safety Glass’. Learn more (link to downloads glass section) target Toned Glass
Toned glass, sometimes referred to as tinted glass, is made by adding a colouring additive during to clear glass during manufacture. Toned glass is typically available in grey, bronze and green. In addition to colour, toned glass also provides benefits building energy management, such as reducing solar heat gain and UV, whilst retaining good daylight transmission and low reflectivity. Toned Glass can be toughened and/ or laminated. Learn more (link to downloads glass section)

buy nexium online quote Low E Glass
Low-emissivity glass products (commonly referred to as Low E glass) provides both improved thermal insulation and solar control, whilst maintaining low visible light reflection. The Low E glass consists of a thin transparent coating that is applied to one face of the glass, which is designed to reduce the amount of heat that is conducted through the glass (reducing summer heat gain and winter heat loss) whilst decreasing the amount of UV transmission. Low E can be applied to float, toughened or laminated glass, which in turn can be double glazed to further improve performance. Learn more (link to downloads glass section)

flirten op de werkvloer workshop Obscure & Decorative Glass
A wide variety of obscure and decorative glass is available for different applications, such as privacy, colour or as a feature. Glass types include Patterned, Laminated, Acid Etched, and Ceramic Coated Glass. Patterned Glass is created during the glass manufacturing process by applying a patterned impression into the molten glass. Acid Etched glass refers to the process where one side has been treated with an acid etch to produce a satin finish. Ceramic Coated Glass refers to glass that has been coated on one face with a ceramic paint, which is then fused onto the glass during toughening. Many obscure and decorative types of float glass can then be toughened and/or laminated to suit their application. Learn more (link to downloads glass section)

rencontre castro hollande Insulated Glass Units
Insulated Glass Units (commonly referred to as double glazing or IGU’s) refers to glass that consists of two or more panes separated by a space to create an insulated, hermetically sealed air void between the glass. IGU’s are significantly more efficient than ordinary single glass, and are designed to improve solar control, thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency. To further improve energy efficiency the air in the void can alternatively be filled with Argon gas, which lower thermal conductivity than air. IGU’s can be manufactured using a variety of glass types and spacer sizes to suit each application. Learn more (link to downloads glass section)

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