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Acoustic Windows

rencontres abidjanaises Protect yourself from noise pollution

About Acoustic Windows & Doors Our built environment of today creates demand for higher performing acoustic window solutions. Constant noise can have an impact on your sleep patterns, stress levels, and ultimately your health.

tiova inhaler cipla price In conditions where traffic, train, aircraft and even commercial retail noise are at high levels, high acoustic rated windows and doors provide a more comfortable living lifestyle. Specifying the correct window & door system therefore has a significant impact on the use and feel of your home or office.

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At Jensen we offer an extensive range of high acoustic rated products in both single and secondary frame options.

Our Ulltimate Plus products have been designed to provide the benefits of secondary glazed acoustic performance, all within one frame. Adding to the existing versatility and strength, its single frame ensures clean lines and ease of installation, whilst avoiding the often thick framing and misalignment often found in secondary frame products offerings.

Additionally both our Carinya and Architectural range of products offer a variety of options in acoustic performance, whether as a single frame, single glazed window or door, or as a secondary glazed double frame high acoustic rated product.